DVV Danayya Broke Silence On Oscars Campaign With Facts


DVV Danayya, the producer of the blockbuster film RRR, has finally spoken out about the rumors surrounding the film’s Oscar campaign. Reports had suggested that director SS Rajamouli spent nearly Rs 80 crores from his pocket on the drive, while Danayya was left out of the celebrations. From the time Rajamouli began traveling to the USA alone, the rumors grew all over social media. Finally, Danayya broke the silence on the same.

However, Danayya denied these claims and stated that he had not spent any money on the campaign and was unaware of what had happened. He also dismissed the idea that anyone would spend massive money on an awards event.

Danayya revealed that his long-time wish of producing a film with Pawan Kalyan was coming true. He said that the shoot for the upcoming film, which would be a stylish action entertainer, would start soon with director Sujeeth at the helm.

Danayya has been a producer in the industry for many years, having worked on several big-budget films with top heroes. Despite his contributions to RRR, a section of biased media has accused Rajamouli of intentionally sidelining Danayya to hog all the limelight at the Oscars.

Danayya dismissed these allegations and expressed pride in being remembered as the producer of RRR, which won the hearts of audiences globally and brought home an Oscar for the country.

Danayya thanked Rajamouli for allowing him to produce such a magnum opus and said that history would remember that he produced RRR. He also silenced those trying to discredit Rajamouli by saying he was delighted to see two heirs from the Nandamuri and mega families come together in one frame for the film.