#NTR30: Cargo Ship Fight Sequence Is A Highlight

Other day it has come out that Hollywood action choreographer Kenny Bates has joined the crew of Koratala Siva’s upcoming film with Jr NTR which is tentatively called #NTR30. And here comes a piece of information about the kind of action sequences they are going to carve which involved huge visual effects as well as breathtaking stunts. 

Like we said it already, the story of #NTR30 revolves around a fishing village, a harbour, a port mafia and stuff. The story involves various action sequences, one on a group of fishing boats, and another one in a port and a big container ship that carries cargo between countries. Currently, Koratala is said to be planning this sequence with Kenny Bates and they will be shooting this one in the first schedule only. Already half part of the ship is being erected as a set, while the water and the other half of the ship will be created through Computer Graphics.

It is being heard that foreign fighters and various new technology cameras are being brought to carve out this action sequence which comes right before the climax of the movie. This time, Koratala is said to have focused a lot on the action part of the film as he wants the film to stand up to the global star image of Jr NTR.