Did Chay Fans Misunderstand Samantha? 


Ever since queen bee Samantha’s comments on taking up the “Oo Antava” song went viral, a section of film lovers has been trolling her. To be more precise, film lovers who support Naga Chaitanya are trolling the actress badly for making negative comments about her marriage. Is that really so? 

When asked about picking up the item number Oo Antava from Pushpa where she appeared in a strong and sexy avatar, Samantha stated that everyone around her asked her not to do that film as she just came out of a divorce. Her words are, “They told me that I’m just out of a marriage and it’s not good to take up item number. I just gave 100% to my marriage and that didn’t work, so why should I sit home and bury into it rather taking up this song”. 

But then, reading between the lines, some movie lovers are asking Samantha what she actually means by that. They feel that she made comments in a way that she gave 100% to the marriage, but Chay didn’t. On that note, they are trolling her big time if we have to say. But that’s not a fair thing to do as the actress hasn’t meant anything like that except for the hero’s fans misunderstanding her comments. We can still say, even though Chay gave 100% to the marriage and still it didn’t work. 

On that note, the actor is rumoured to be dating Telugu Miss India siren Shobita Dhulipala while Samantha is busy with work and has yet to find any date.