Jersey’s Arjun Holds Dharani’s Weapons

Nani seems to be the happiest man now. The wonderful applause he has been receiving for Dasara, of course, the loud speaking numbers at the box office, the result of his effort and belief must be making him super happy. It is celebration time for him and the team of Dasara.

Coming to the latest social media post, Nani always speaks his mind. In his latest post, Nani showed a gesture of his reaction. There is one iconic scene of Nani in the Jersey movie, where he screams near a passing train to express his joy after getting selected for the cricket team.

Now he posted a morphed poster of himself screaming at the railway station but with an axe in each hand, which obviously belonged to Dharani from Dasara.

It is funny in a way to see Jersey’s Arjun holding the weapons of Dasara’s Dharani but appears like the current mood or the natural reaction of the actor Nani after Dasara’s rampage.

While the movie grossed over 850K+ so far in the USA, including the premiere shows and heading close to $1 Million. Also the movie grossed the highest day-one numbers in all the territories in the Telugu states. Overall, Dasara collected Nearly 38 Cr+ gross worldwide on its opening day.