Fact Check: Not Rashmika And Not From Pushpa 2!

The fan-made posters are so creative that they are leaving the general audience in confusion with the real one. In the same way, some leaked pictures are triggering unwanted speculations about upcoming movies, and here is one of them.

A ‘screen grab’ is going viral since yesterday suggesting that Rashmika Mandanna’s character Srivalli in Pushpa 2 will be dead and the viral picture almost deceived the social media folks. With the footage time and also a believable title ‘PUSHPA 2’, many fell for it thinking it was a picture from the raw footage.

The fact is that the picture is not from Pushpa 2 and the woman in it is not Rashmika Mandanna. It is from a Marathi movie ‘Nay varan bhat loncha kon nay koncha’ that was released in 2022 and it can be watched on YouTube. The actress who looks like Rashmika Mandanna is Isha Divekar.


For some time, there have been rumors about Pushpa 2 and this viral picture strengthened them. Many started commenting that this is going to be like the story of KGF 2 regarding the heroine’s character. Well, now that it is cleared, we can be as excited as ever about what Sukumar is cooking for us in Pushpa 2.