Sarath Babu’s demise: When Chiranjeevi broke down in hospital

The South Indian film industries are mourning the demise of Sarath Babu, who passed away the other day due to multiple organ failures. Actors and film personalities have expressed grief and reminisced about their experiences with the late actor. Suhasini Maniratnam and Chiranjeevi, in particular, spent valuable time with Sarath Babu at the hospital.

Speaking to the media, Suhasini shared that Sarath Babu briefly opened his eyes and greeted her with a “hi,” which she found heartwarming. She mentioned that Chiranjeevi was deeply affected by the situation, breaking down and expressing his concern for Sarath Babu’s well-being. Chiranjeevi was determined to understand how they could assist and what treatment options could save him.

Furthermore, Suhasini revealed that Sarath Babu shared a close bond with Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. While he worked on several films alongside Rajinikanth, his connection with Kamal Haasan was particularly strong. Suhasini emphasized that visiting Sarath Babu at the hospital was a duty and a necessity, given their shared history as contemporaries and friends.

The passing of Sarath Babu has left a void in the South Indian film industry, and his colleagues continue to remember him fondly while mourning his loss.