Young Heroine Upset With Leaked BF Matter

A parking issue that happened inside an apartment, which is later said that it happened in a public space, has brought Telugu beauty from Vijayawada, Dimple Hayathi to the limelight. The name she didn’t make after acting with the likes of Raviteja and Gopichand, has said hello to her after this incident. But then, here is what she is actually worrying about. 

For the fact that Dimple Hayathi is involved in the case, the complaint got huge attention and it was revealed that the complaint actually revealed unwanted details about her boyfriend Victor David, who also hails from Vijayawada. While the actress is said to be in a living relationship with David for a long time, the matter got leaked just now and many T-town folks are said to have called her to check out and say as to why she never revealed the boyfriend thing. 

Dimple is said to be wondering all these days that Telugu cinema might actually ignore her if she conveys that there is a boyfriend in her life, and finally, the news got revealed after the police complaint was filed. Now that the news is out, she is said to have gotten upset everyone came to know about her boyfriend and his name too. Victor is said to be a graphic designer who deals with lots of cover page designs related to Christian missionaries.