Weekend BO: Bichagadu Beats The Newcomers


While some Telugu films are scoring well at the box office, the lifetime of those movies is getting limited only to one or two weeks. That’s the classic case these days and films like Virupaksha proved it again. At the same time, these movies are being premiered on OTT within 2-4 weeks, and that’s another thing that is biting theatrical revenues. All said and done, let us see what the last weekend’s box office is like. 

Last week (May 26), some films like Chai Bisket’s Mem Famous, Naresh-Pavithra’s Malli Pelli and dubbed movie 2018 got released amidst huge expectations. While Mem Famous got famous due to its interesting promotional campaign, Malli Pelli made to the headlines for its controversial content, and 2018 won hearts for its brilliant portrayal of a natural disaster. But then, Mem Famous and Malli Pelli failed to do well after the first day as the content turned out to be normal, while 2018 is doing good in some areas. And here is another threat they have faced. 

Released two weeks ago, Vijay Anthony’s Bicchagadu 2 is a smashing hit despite normal reviews and it has become the pick of the audience during the last weekend as well. The film literally dominated in the mass belts with housefuls on Saturday and Sunday, while other films at the BO are looking at half-occupancy. So the newcomers of the last weekend have got bowled out by this two-week senior, and we have to say, only the content makes all the difference.