Vishwak Sen 11 Is The Real Story Of A Popular Politician?

Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen’s new movie announcement and the first look are promising with the ‘bad’ and ‘grey’ elements assured. While the first look poster of VS11 doesn’t really reveal anything, it is being heard that the movie is based on a controversial politician from Andhra Pradesh.

According to the reports, Vishwak Sen will be seen as a politician from the yellow party, who has been controversial and been on the news for unconventional reasons many a time. While it may not be called an unofficial biopic, the lead character is said to be inspired by the mass politician’s real life.

The director of VS11, Krishna Chaitanya is a very good friend of actor Nara Rohith. The movie was actually planned to be made with Rohith, but due to the craze of Vishwak Sen reportedly made him the best bet for the role.

Well, the first look teaser is interesting and we have to wait for the trailer to know if the story is all about the politician.