Streaming Date Locked For Latest Blockbuster ‘2018’

SonyLIV has officially announced the digital premiere of the Malayalam blockbuster “2018.” Starring Tovino Thomas, the film will be available for streaming on the platform starting June 7, just a little over a month after its theatrical release.

Initially, “2018” had a quiet release on May 5, with a limited number of screens across the country. However, the film quickly gained positive reviews and generated tremendous word-of-mouth, leading to its massive success at the box office despite the initial low expectations.

With global ticket sales reaching a staggering Rs 160 crore, “2018” has already become the highest-earning Malayalam movie worldwide. To capitalize on its success, the film was also released in multiple languages across India last week.

Initially, there were discussions about postponing the digital release, but the producers decided to proceed with the early release date, sticking to the previously agreed-upon price.