Buddy Glimpse: Allu Sirish Protects A Teddy

Hero Allu Sirish is coming up with Telugu cinema’s first ever Teddy based fantasy action drama titled ‘Buddy’ and marking his birthday, the glimpse has been unveiled by the makers.

The glimpse opens to showing masked men being asked to kill a Teddy by another masked man. Initially the preparators will laugh at this proposal but once they see huge money being offered, they hunt for Teddy. Cut to the scene, a Teddy appears in a metro train and Sirish flashes protecting it from the assassins.

So what is ‘Buddy’ all about? Is it a rip off from Tamil movie ‘Teddy’ or is it based on Hollywood films? Time would answer this.

Written and directed by Sam Anton, the film has music by Hiphop Tamizha and Studio Green banner is bankrolling the movie.