Allu Team Says This Is Not A Remake!

The moment the first glimpse of Allu Sirish’s “Buddy” is out, a talk started doing rounds that the film is a remake of Arya’s “Teddy” which was released in 2021. But then, here is what the team is actually saying about the film’s content, which was carved by director Sam Anton who is known for films like Darling and Gurkha.

Apparently, the makers have released the teaser of “Buddy” along with a hashtag, “Not A Remake”. This is the first of its kind, because firstly choosing a subject that is similar to that of another movie is a shocker, and now saying that it is not a remake of any of these is another big twist.

While Allu Sirish might have gotten excited about wrapping up this project quite secretly, as he hasn’t made any announcement of it people started trolling that the Allu hero has chosen another remake after ABCD.

Whatever it may be, if content clicks, a film will work out at the box office no matter if it is a remake or a direct script. And with the film’s VFX-laced content creating a quite mood around for the movie, it looks like Sirish has a winner on hand this time.