What We Hear About Prabhas Is Not True: Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon, a highly acclaimed actress in the Bollywood film industry, has established herself as a prominent figure with a significant fan following. She has also garnered fame in the South Indian film industry. After making her debut in the Telugu film, “1 Nenokkadine,” Kriti has now joined forces with Prabhas for the prestigious project “Adipurush.” In the film, Prabhas portrays the character of Raghav, while Kriti brings the character of Janaki to life.

During her speech at the pre-release event, Kriti Sanon commenced with the chant of “Jai Shri Ram” and extended her warm greetings to the fans of Prabhas, who had gathered in large numbers to show their support.

“I began my career in the Telugu film industry, and after nine years, I am back in front of all of you with the film ‘Adipurush.’ This film holds immense significance to me, as does the role of Janaki that I portray. It is all made possible because of your unwavering love and blessings,” expressed Kriti Sanon, emphasizing the personal significance of the film.

She further reflected, “Sometimes, it is not that we choose films, but rather, certain films choose us. I feel as though Janaki ma (referring to the character of Janaki) has chosen me to tell this story. It is an incredibly blessed feeling. We seek your blessings to ensure the film’s success and for it to become a monumental hit.”

Kriti shared her experience working with Prabhas, saying, “I was told that Prabhas does not talk. It is not true. He actually talks a lot. He is genuinely a darling who is very warm, sweet, hard-working, and a big foodie. I think that the calmness and purity in his eyes is the reflection of Lord Sriram’s qualities. I don’t think anyone could play Sriram better than Prabhas.”

“Adipurush” is gearing up for a grand release on the 16th of this month. Alongside Kriti and Prabhas, the film also features Sunny Singh, Devadatta Nage, Saif Ali Khan, and other talented actors.