Avatar2 Eating Away Friday Revenues Already?

Avatar (2)

At the Telugu box office right now, there are only a handful of films like Bichhagadu 2, Mem Famous and Pareshan, while this Friday is going to mark the release of other small films like Intinti Ramayanam, dubbed movie Takkar and others. But then, everyone is waiting for June 16th’s Adipurush release, and hence the traffic to the ticket counters is right now pretty low from Tollywood’s side too. And here is an interesting snippet now.

While some of the small films trying to get a hold of the box office, the biggest shocker came from Disney+Hotstary as they started to stream “Avatar 2” on Wednesday. As the news spread, it has become madness for many to catch up with the film on the OTT platform. The madness is so high that Avatar 2 is once again becoming a trending topic on social media right now with various discussions popping up.

With Avatar 2 now getting trended like this, surely that would be the pick of many families to watch at their homes this weekend with popcorn and drinks in hand, rather than heading to theatres, says box office experts.

A couple of weeks ago, IPL has eaten away the revenues for 3-4 weeks when the final matches got intensified. Now that Avatar 2 has come up on OTT, it might impact for a week or so until Adipurush arrives in theatres. Let’s see what happens.