#BiggBoss turned out to be a super hit

Beating all the records ever for the opening episode of #BiggBoss reality show across India in almost 7 languages, recently Nagarjuna’s #BiggBoss4 has garnered 18.7 TRP. And it looks like the TRP juggernaut is not going to stop there itself.

Actually the Hindi version BiggBoss is qutie popular in India and that is what we are all lead to believe. And the Hindi version hosted by Salman Khan has its last season getting around 4-5 TRPs during the weekdays. But then, #BiggBoss4 Telugu is something that is going on a different note. The program is clocking almost an average of 8TRP during the weekdays, thus shocking the critics of the show.

Saying that the present contestants of the show are popular only on social media and regular TV audience may not love to watch them, many critics have spelt doom for BiggBoss this year. But then, these TRPs are indicating that Telugu audiences are watching the show more than ever and the show turned out to be a super hit.

Simply put, criticsm on #BiggBoss4 didn’t work, but #BiggBoss4 is working big time on the TV circuits