Kriti’s Sister Comes Out Of Vishnu’s Kannappa

Manchu Vishnu’s upcoming project, “Kannappa,” is generating significant buzz as it is set to be a dream project for the actor. The film is based on the remarkable life story of Kannappa, a devoted follower of Lord Shiva. National star Prabhas is also going to be a part of the film in a crucial role. Now, we have learned that the film’s leading lady, Nupur Sanon, stepped down from the film.

Initially, Bollywood actress Nupur Sanon was cast as the film’s heroine and participated in the film’s puja ceremony. However, unexpectedly, Nupur Sanon has withdrawn from the project. Manchu Vishnu himself tweeted this news, expressing his best wishes for her future endeavors.

The reason cited for her exit is scheduling conflicts, likely due to her commitments to other projects, including her role opposite Ravi Teja in an upcoming film scheduled for a Dussehra release.

The movie was officially launched with traditional pooja ceremonies in Srikalahasti in August and is being produced by the veteran actor Mohan Babu himself.

Mukesh Kumar Singh, renowned for directing the Hindi serial “Mahabharata,” is helming the directorial responsibilities.