TV Actress’s Explosive Treats On Social Media

Soap serials on television have a great impact on family audiences and mostly the women who are homemakers get glued to those decades-lasting episodes. The actors in these serials make their fame with the characters and looks they play, but obviously, they need not be the same looks in real life too.

One such actress who predominantly appears in Telugu and Kannada television programs is leaving her fans stunned with her explosive shows on Instagram. ‘Jagathi Madam’ from Guppedantha Manadu serial is giving stunning appearances on social media. Jyothi Rai is her name and she is now getting tons of followers growing each day with her beautiful looks in her posts.

Many were seen wondering on social media if she is the same girl who appeared in aged look for the role of ‘Jagathi Madam’. Unlike Sonarika Bhadoria and other actors who were criticized for how to look after acting in decent roles on television, Jyothi Rai is garnering more and more fans.