Where Would Devarakonda Get Funds To Help Them All?

Vijay Deverakonda
Vijay Deverakonda

After donating 25 lakhs from his pocket, as Vijay Devarakonda said about this The Devarakonda Foundation – Middle Class Fund, the actor revealed that he has got almost 35 lakhs as donations from his fans. And then, there are almost 57,460 applications from Middle-Class Folks as we are speaking, seeking his Rs 1000 donation. That means he needs 5 crores to fulfil the total charity, while has 59+ lakhs in hand.

Well, in the wake of Corona Crisis, rather simply donating some money to PM Cares or CM Relief Fund and Corona Crisis Charity, Vijay Devarakonda thought that it would be great if he could do some charity through his own foundation.

Like a Prakash Raj Foundation and others, he started this new initiative of helping middle-class folks, by giving them Rs 1000. That’s great, but then, what about serving all the applications?

Experts are saying that it will be tough for the young hero to amass crores and pay them all, as the ones like Corona Crisis Charity are able to get only 6.5+ crores donations but not more than that.

Maybe the young hero should give up his remuneration for his next film and donate it to the foundation to the tune of 5 crores to do the help. We have to see what would he do.

Meanwhile, if the funding is slow, then by the time Devarakonda donates to them all, Covid-19 might be far from over.

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