Do We Need To Worry With OTT Hurry?

The recent trend in the film industry has seen a mighty shift in the release strategies of movies. With the rise of OTT platforms, producers are now opting for a quicker release on these platforms, often within a week or two of the film’s theatrical release. This change has clear-cut implications for the success of films in theatres.

The probability of a film being a theatrical hit has decreased remarkably in recent times due to the poor creative our filmmakers are choosing.

And now, if a film receives a weak talk, producers are releasing it on OTT within a short period, which means audiences are less likely to go to theatres for films with below-average talk.

For a film to run successfully in theatres, it needs to be at least average and well-promoted. The songs, trailer, or teaser must also go viral to generate interest.

If that’s not happening, then the audience will slowly and completely turn to OTTs rather than watching movies in theatres.

In recent times we have Family Star released on OTT in just 20+ days, while Krishnamma came in a week. Now, Gangs of Godavari will be out on Netflix just 2 weeks after the release.

With the likes of Dil Raju then and Naga Vamsi now, joined the list of producers who are rushing to OTTs to quickly recover their investments. If this trend continues like that, then surely people might stop coming to theatres after hearing the first day first show feedback.