The Rise of Another Heroine in Tollywood

Right now in Tollywood, a new face is making waves even before her debut film hits the screens. Pageant contestant and model, Bhagyashree Borse, the heroine of the upcoming movie “Mr. Bachchan” alongside Ravi Teja, has already received multiple offers to star in other films even before the release of her debut movie.

It happened in the earlier case of Sakshi Vaidhya, who gained popularity before the release of her first film, “Agent” and signed two more movies including “Gandeevadari Arjuna” and “Ustaad Bhagat Singh”, while sacked from the last one.

Coming to Bhagyashree, her impressive start in the industry has led to her being chosen as the heroine in two other more movies. One of these films is #VD12 directed by Gautham Tinnanuri and stars Vijay Deverakonda, while the other is produced by Cherukuri Sudhakar and features Dulquer Salmaan as the hero.

While it is quite fortunate that Bhagyasree signed three films even before her debut came out, like Sakshi Vaidya, but then, all depends on the success of those films and also her performance.

In Sakshi’s case, both the films and her performances failed to click. Sometimes, even if films don’t click, heroines will click, like a Kajal or Sreeleela. If all things go right, then we will be talking about the rise of Bhagyasree in Tollywood again.