Which Men To Trust? Rashmika Responds

Ever since the film ‘Animal’ was released, there have been a lot of outcries out there on social media regarding the film’s misogynist nature.

While some cried foul that Ranbir Kapoor’s character was flawed, some hailed Rashmika Mandanna’s role of not choosing him after coming to know that he had sex with another lady. But in general, many women feel that it is tough with men going by this film.

A social media user shared a video from ‘Animal’ movie, how after falling in love with Rashmika’s role, Ranbir’s character goes on cheating with Zoya, a role played by Tripti Dimri.

“Remember: Nothing is scarier than trusting a man”, the caption below the video read. With the user’s statement sounding more pessimistic and one-sided, national crush Rashmika is quick to respond over the same.

“Correction: Trusting a stupid man is scary; There are a lot of good men also out there. Trusting them is special” she wrote, along with a love emoji, thus indirectly hinting her admirers to watch “Animal” as a film but not as something that reflects the society as a whole.