The OG lady police returns

Off late, we have seen many actresses don the khaki to show they mean business in a film that has them in the centre as a protagonist.

Kajal recently made a splash with her titular role in Satyabhama, while Chandini Chowdary and Payal Rajput made smaller but nonetheless sincere appearances as police officers in Yevam and Rakshana respectively.

But when Telugu people think of a female police officer in cinema, the first person who comes to their mind, irrespective of the generation they hail from, is Vijayashanti.

The prolific and versatile actress of yore is particularly known for her multiple roles as a police officer in Karthavyam (1990), Police Lockup (1993), Shatruvu (1991) and Sambhavi IPS (2002). She has also earned the title “Lady Superstar” by acting in a string of authorbacked films with her in the helm of things.

After more than two decades, the actress is returning to the silver screen to play a cop in NKR 21.

Vijayashanti did make her comeback not so long ago in Mahesh Babu’s Sarileru Neekevaru, but Vijayashanti playing a police officer again after so many years is another comeback in its own right. After seeing vintage Chiranjeevi and vintage Pawan Kalyan in recent films, it is finally time for us to see vintage Vijayashanti.