Manchu Vishnu Gives 48 Hours To Youtubers And Memers

The ongoing controversy about the YouTuber-actor Praneeth Hanumanthu for his objectionable comments against children, while he was roasting a reel involving a father and daughter, has been taken seriously by the governments of two Telugu states.

The Youtuber was arrested for his sexist remarks and many film celebrities expressed their anguish on his acts. Amid this, the MAA president Manchu Vishnu issued a warning to all the YouTubers and memers to take down the abusive, disturbing, and obscene memes and videos from their respective channels within 48 hours of time.

Manchu Vishnu made it clear that offensive comments and videos on actors and actresses won’t be tolerated anymore. If the videos and memes were not taken down from the channels, he said he will be reviewing them and report them to cybercrime and taking necessary legal action against them.

Manchu Vishnu also mentioned that the Legendary actor Brahmanandam also expressed his unhappiness over the members using his clips and pictures for the obscene memes. Manchu Vishnu further sought the support from governments of Telugu states.