Raj Tarun – Work Avthunda Saami?

In a surprising turn of events, Raj Tarun’s upcoming film ‘Tiragabadara Saami’ has found itself at a crossroads now. Right now, this hero himself is at the center of a controversy as his ex-GF Lavanya filed a police complaint against Raj Tarun, alleging harassment and breach of trust.

As the case unfolds, the question arises: will this publicity help or hinder his latest film’s prospects at the box office as the makers announced August 12th as the date.

The police case filed by Lavanya against Raj Tarun has undoubtedly brought the actor’s personal life into the public spotlight. While such controversies can sometimes generate interest and curiosity among audiences, they can also backfire and negatively impact the film’s success.

If the case gains huge media attention and public interest, it could potentially work in favor of ‘Tiragabadara Saami’. The increased visibility and discussions surrounding Raj Tarun could lead to openings for the movie.

Now that Raj Tarun has a string of flops and made audience run away from his theatres previously, we have to see if any progress in the police case might create attention for the movie. But the producers who have daringly announced the date would be saying to themselves, “Work Avtundha Saami?”.