Trailer Talk: Narthanasala Comes Alive

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s shelved dream project Narthanasala has come alive after a long wait. Balayya who acted and directed this mythological film sees Soundarya as Draupadi, Sri Hari as Bheema and Sarath Babu as Dharma Raju. The trailer gives glimpse of the film. It shows Balayya’s dialogues as Arjuna. On this Navratri festival, the makers are releasing the 18 minute footage from the film.

Mainly the film shows Parnasala scenes and scenes where Pandavas go for Aranyavsa. These are interesting to watch out. Balayya’s dialogues, Soundarya’s expressions give a divine touch. Music is complimenting. The makers are releasing it on NBK theatre on Shreyas ET app on Oct 24.

The makers are releasing it under pay-per-view model and the money will go to charity work at Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research institute and would be spent towards treatment of poor cancer patients.

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