Allu Arjun In Palakollu To Offer Condolence To Friend

Actor Allu Arjun has arrived in Palakollu to meet and console his friend and producer Bunny Vasu who is bereaved. Bunny Vasu’s brother Gavara Suresh passed away on Saturday due to kidney-related ailment. He died while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Bangalore. His sudden passing away has come as a shock to Bunny Vasu and his family.

The final rites of Suresh’s mortal remains were conducted on Sunday. Allu Arjun today visited Palakollu and visited Vasu’s family. He offered condolences to the family. Along with Allu Arjun, director Sukumar, actor Allu Sirish were also there to condole the demise of Suresh.

Suresh was survived by wife and a son. Suresh was the elder brother while Bunny Vasu was the younger brother. Vasu’s father Gavara Surya Narayana has two sons and one daughter.

Suresh was an entrepreneur. He was into the automobile industry. Suresh had started a company that manufactures kits which convert petrol, diesel vehicles into CNGs.

Allu Arjun, Sirish and Sukumar personally visiting Palakollu for Bunny Vasu has yet again proved the strong bond between Allu and Vasu family. Vasu plays a key role in Geetha Arts and GA2 Pictures banners.