Thank You Brother Trailer: Anasuya Delivers In Lift

Television’s happening anchor Anasuya will be next seen in an unusual role as a pregnant lady in the movie ‘Thank You Brother.’ Hero Venkatesh has unveiled the trailer and here is how it goes.

Pushing the button of a lift Anasuya is seen tired. She takes the lift which has a young guy, the protagonist Viraj Ashwin. The lift gets stuck and it takes hours yet there is no sign of restoration.

Pregnant Anasuya then suffers pains and is on the verge of delivering a baby. But she needs help and the hero who is with Anasuya, tries his hand. What happens next is all about ‘Thank You Brother.’

The trailer is good and Anasuya is picked up a performance oriented role and she does a decent job. Hero Viraj Ashwin fits in the role and the lift scenes are packed in a thrilling manner.

The film is directed by Ramesh Raparthi and the plot is sensible in nature. Magunta Sarath Chandra Reddy and Tharaknath Bommireddy have produced ‘Thank You Brother’ under Just Ordinary Entertainment banner.