Young Heroes Non-Stop Partying At Road No 36

Young Heroes Non-Stop Partying At Road No 36

A single success as a solo hero brings not just stardom, but also some luxuries, attention and few gangs of friends who hang around all the time. And two young heroes whose careers are not so good yet not so bad are now letting their guard down to have fun with their newfound stardom.

Other day these two heroes are said to be having fun at a posh pub situated in Road No 36 of Jubilee Hills. They are seen indulging in beers and boogie (dance) along with their gang of friends. But what caught the attention of onlookers are the babes around these two stars.

With no worries about their hot acts, a gang of hotties are actually seen cuddling, hugging and expressing all sorts of hot chemistry with these two heroes. It looked like a crazy Las Vegas club where folks are going towards unlimited ecstasy. And the non-stop partying went till 1 am and later the scene shifted to their cars and a guest house in Jubilee Hills area.

While the news of finding matches for these two heroes always gets attention, one wonders what signals they are sending with these playboy acts. At least they should learn the art of disguising their moonlight activities, isn't it?

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