'Tollywood Drug Racket' Cop Chooses Theaters Now

'Tollywood Drug Racket' Cop Chooses Theaters Now

Akun Sabharwal..the name is more famous than many of the cops and most famous among film circles. The reason, as everybody knows, is only one. He was the head of Special Investigation Team focused on foiling the drug racket and interrogated many of the film celebrities on everyday basis. The issue shook two states for 15 days and there was no other major news heard those days. Akun Sabharwal was the name that was heard and seen everyday with his bytes and updates. There was a respite for sometime and suddenly he came to picture again.

This time his Special Investigation is on all the multiplexes located in twin cities. He started conducting sudden raids on several multiplex theatres from Sunday and booked more than 100 cases on food courts where the food items and water bottles are being sold at higher prices than MRPs.

This development brought a sigh of relief among many citizens as stepping into some multiplexes has become either a nightmare or a dream forever for common man. The expenses of food and water are almost 4-5 times to that of actual MRPs (Maximum Retail Prices).

We have see how these raids go on prominently and what results would come out finally. So far, Akun Sabharwal's new mission made him hero again.

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