Medical Students Laughing At 'Savyasachi'

Medical Students Laughing At 'Savyasachi'

Initially, it was said that Naga Chaitanya's latest movie "Savyasachi" deals with the concept of Alien Hand Syndrome where the hero will lose control of one hand and it starts behaving independently without brain giving any signals to it. But the teaser of the film gave a new revelation altogether.

Savyasachi teaser says that the film is actually based on 'Vanishing Twin Syndrome', a foetus that joins with another one inside the womb and starts acting like a brother after delivery. The whole teaser has those graphics shots depicting that half of the body (majorly left hand) is behaving like there is some other soul inside. It might sound quite a new fantasy or biological fiction for a few, but medical students are laughing at the way the term Vanishing Twin Syndrome is used by this film's makers.

Like 'Alien Hand Syndrome' or 'Multiple Personality Disorder', this particular 'Vanishing Twin Syndrome' has nothing to do with mental illness. This thing occurs early during pregnancy in a woman, who is carrying 2-3 foetuses inside. When one of them dies, most of the dead foetus tissue is absorbed into living one and after delivery, a mummified foetus (fetus papyraceus) will be removed. Guess what, scientists discovered that the surviving baby bears no evidence of having once had a womb-mate. But 'Savyasachi' movie teaser says as if two souls are living in one body, leading to laughs.

Gone are the days where audiences are accepting fiction so easily. These days some logic and careful assertions are required for these types of dramas. Wonder what Savyasachi makers have to say about this.

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