Pawan's Heroine Condemns Cricketer's Claims

Pawan's Heroine Condemns Cricketer's Claims

Never in Tollywood, we see celebs talking about their past relationships. They don't open up and also deny if needed. Though insiders always confirmed the previous love affairs of stars like Prabhas with a heroine and Samantha with a Tamil hero, they remain rumours.

One such rumour is regarding Pawan Kalyan's Puli heroine Nikeesha Patel, who was rumoured to be dating a cricketer back then. She is said to have dated none other than cricketer Sreesanth. Till yesterday this was a rumour but now Nikeesha confirmed that she is in a live-in relation with Sreesanth for a year. And this is going to be controversial now.

Actually, Sreesanth claimed that he got married to his wife Bhuvaneswari after 7 years of courtship while talking about his love life inside Big Boss house. Refuting this claim Nikeesha gave an interview to National media, asking If he is in love with Bhuvaneswari for 7 years how come he is in a live-in relation with her for 1 year.

Well, Sreesanth was exposed of his lies many times earlier when it comes to this relationship news. For now, as he is inside Big Boss house we have to see if his wife will react to Nikeesha's claims.

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