Anushka Still No.2 In Terms Of Remuneration

Anushka Still No.2 In Terms Of Remuneration

Returning from the European spa session, Anushka Shetty, the Devasena of Baahubalian era, has been shining like never before. And continuing her cinematic journey, she is signing many films too.

Currently, Anushka has a lineup of films, one with director Hemanth Madhukar and another one being produced by Kona Venkat. All these movies will be made on a decent budget and also they will be shot abroad for most of the time. Guess how much Anushka is charging for these films?

Unlike Nayantara, who has become the superstar of Tamil cinema by charging nearly 4-5 crores for a film, Anushka is yet to get into that league though her Baahubali act is a bigger hit. She is said to be taking home 1.25 crores with these Telugu movies. At a time when the likes of Kajal Agarwal are pocketing 2 crores, this is too low for Anushka, isn't it?

Looks like Anushka has to seriously grow her market as a solo contender thereby steering more films like Bhagamaathie to become blockbusters.

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