Frustrated Fans Decoding Physics Of Baahubali

Frustrated Fans Decoding Physics Of Baahubali

Trolls are having fun this Sankranthi, thereby bringing huge frustration to fans of our star heroes. As the films like NTR and VVR went for a toss at the box office, these trolling babus are having a field day.

Especially when it comes to Ram Charan's Vinaya Vidheya Rama, troll pages are making extreme fun of the movie by dissecting every single act taken by Boyapati Sreenu for the movie. Especially the scenes where Boyapati went against gravity, relativity and all other sciences on earth are being played a football.

Guess what, hardcore fans of Boyapati are now questioning back the validation of such trolls. Because they feel that even Baahubali has many such illogical, gravity defying stunts as per their decoding. Especially they are asking when Rajamouli could use 'trees' like rubber poles to jump into a fort, why not Boyapati do many such stunts in this Ram Charan starrer.

All said and done, if a film has interesting content, none questions the logic and intent. But if the story itself is a lazy zebra, then all the logic on earth will be applied with physics and biology taking the center stage.

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