Top Politician Invests In Struggling Hero's Projects

Top Politician Invests In Struggling Hero's Projects

He happens to be a cine hero from an influential family but hasn't proved his mettle though being in the business for a long time. And the days have come to a point where all his investments got exhausted due to the flop films he delivered.

And recently this hero made a mega move by uniting with a political outfit which many never thought is just a rumor. But then, he not only worked closely with them, but he also got benefitted with that alliance. Actually, that party's key members are said to have lured the hero into their fold with a promise.

That promise is nothing but reviving some of his stalled projects through their investments. And now, owing to the promise, a couple of projects got moving, thereby throwing no surprise to film industry folks that the hero made a nice business proposal.

Okay, hope he will deliver a hit film at least now, as there is no financial strain.

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