Oops! Dil Raju Picks Up Arjun Reddy Girl

Oops! Dil Raju Picks Up Arjun Reddy Girl

Ace producer Dil Raju, who is into continuously producing films in the Telugu industry, always gives a surprise to film lovers. And the way he picks up the cast for his films is quite a treat. Here is an update about his next titled Iddari Lokam Okate which features Raj Tarun in the lead.

While all these days, Raj Tarun has recommended the name of Avika Gor, Raju thought of bringing in Hebah Patel for the same. But now, they have changed their mind and opting for a more talented actress than the above too. She's none other than Arjun Reddy fame actress Shalini Pandey and she might sign the dotted line in a day or two.

Even Shalini Pandey also needs another break in Tollywood as she hasn't made much of her debut film's success. Her minuscule role in Mahanati and spineless role in 118 haven't helped her career much in Tollywood. So hope this new age love story will give her a break.

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