In Pics: Priyanka Chopra's stunning house in NYC

Priyanka Chopra, who has shifted her base to New York a few months ago, will make your jaw drop with her luxurious apartment. Her swanky house and interiors only look like a dream. In fact, Priyanka herself shared her apartment's photographs quite a lot of times on Instagram and thanks to her, we get the glimpse of the fairytale house.

The wooden flooring and a bookshelf was the first thing to grab attention. So clean and organized! One of her living rooms windows has a spectacular view of the New York skyline from the tallest tower in the city's downtown. Imagine being there every single night! All the amenities are of world class with a gorgeous 75 feet swimming pool and a spa.

The uber plush interiors are scintillating and this Bollywood diva is living a dream. It is reported that the actress also loves chilling at home, well, who doesn't love it? A living room with plush sofas to relax, with a glass of wine and a beautiful top floor skyscraper view.

Priyanka once quoted, "The apartment I live in is massive! Sometimes, I even lose track of where I am. I usually restrict my movement to mom's room. I love cuddling up on her in the morning, but more importantly, I love the feel of the off-white duvet against my paws. Mom enjoys spending time on the deck. She loves sunbathing, and if I'm being honest, I enjoy it too".