Is Rakul Preet Going To Claim Back Her Throne?

Is Rakul Preet Going To Claim Back Her Throne?

We are talking about this supermodel who agreed to romance a 50-year-old guy as the guy wants to bluff his family about his love life. Yes, that's what we are gonna catch up on the silver screen when Manmadhudu 2 arrives on August 9th.

According to reports, Rakul Preet is playing the role of supermodel Avantika settled abroad, and she agrees to play Nag's temporary girlfriend. As she happens to be a happening fashion diva, she's made to wear some sexy outfits such that her looks will complement her profession. And that made Rakul look spicy and ravishing we have to say.

For a heroine who grabbed all the attention right from the beginning by excelling in glamour department, and who is on the verge of grabbing Tollywood's top throne before actually turning her interests towards Bollywood, this is a perfect comeback. That brings us to the question- if Rakul will be able to grab that top star heroine spot yet again in Tollywood.

Meanwhile, Rakul Preet slammed trollers who had a field day about her cigarette smoking in Manmadhudu 2, saying that she has many other jobs to take care. Also, she added, 'Shahid Kapoor smoked, drank and ate non-veg in Kabir Singh, but in real life, he don't do those three. Whatever we do is for screen only".

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