Sye Raa vs Saaho: Fan Wars vs Heroes Friendship

Sye Raa vs Saaho: Fan Wars vs Heroes Friendship

The moment first-week collections of 'Sye Raa' have arrived, it is quite shocking to see that fans of Prabhas have declared war on this film as they are mocking Chiranjeevi and also calling these numbers as fake figures. Have a look at this fiasco right now.

As Sye Raa registered 84.5 crores 'share' in its first week, which is bigger than the full run of Saaho shares, almost every trade analyst termed this as a great feat by Chiranjeevi. Reacting on this, Prabhas fans started blaming analysts on Twitter saying that they are not removing GST from the collections and accused that almost 10 crores excess is projected in these numbers. And this led to a war of words between mega fans and Prabhas fans as they started calling names, insulting each other heroes and writing filth on one another.

In the first place, one should notice the fact that the makers of Saaho and Sye Raa are not just colleagues in industry but they are great friends. While Charan supported Saaho financially, UV Creations (who own many theatres in Nellore district) has removed Saaho from certain theatres to facilitate Sye Raa release.

When the likes of Prabhas and Charan are in good terms with each other, and when Chiru is openly praising that Baahubali's success gave them the confidence to make Sye Raa, and Prabhas' own theatre V Epiq is screening Sye Raa with a record number of collections, where would these fan wars stand?

Perhaps that is the reason why Ram Charan doesn't want to reveal any numbers officially as he is aware of these fan wars. Rather celebrating cinema, one wonders why these fans are creating ruckus about collections, numbers, records and all the scrap.

No fan watches a film 10+ times to give more money to a flopped film of their hero, neither they don't stop watching films of other heroes. So why this Kolaveri Di? Enjoy a film like a film and life goes on.