#BiggBoss3: Siva Jyothy Gets Eliminated?

#BiggBoss3: Siva Jyothy Gets Eliminated?

Apart from Rahul Sipligunj, all others inside the house got nominated and only Baba Bhaskar got saved last night as Bigg Boss wakes them up at 3'0 clock to make the announcement. With Varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi, Sivajyothy and Ali in the elimination zone, one can pick the possible names easily.

Among them, Sivajyothy is the weakest contestant but only getting saved due to luck factor as she is not in nominations for most of the times. Then we have Ali, who has failed to create a fanbase for him during the initial stages of the game as he was bit arrogant and effervescent. Many felt that Telangana folks will bat for Sivajyothy and maker her stay back for the finale inside the house.

Reports are however coming that Sivajyothy was shown the door as Ali's wife did enough marketing outside to fetch more votes for her husband. With the whole of TV circles batting for Ali, surely he might have got a couple of votes than Sivajyothy. Sources revealed that the elimination episode will be aired tonight itself, as Bigg Boss doesn't want to interfere with Diwali of audiences.

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