Superstar's Dreamrole is 'Transgender'

Superstar's Dreamrole is 'Transgender'

The most-anticipated Thailavar Rajinikanth's film Darbar is leaving viewers pretty curious and eager for the release.  The makers of the film launched the long-awaited trailer of Darbar on Monday in Mumbai. Directed by AR Murugadoss, the launch event had the whole team gracing the moment and in the film, Superstar Rajinikanth will play a bad cop.

Rajinikanth's fanbase cannot be explained in words. The whole India and in fact, even some parts of foreign countries have die-hard fans of Rajini and his movies are literally worshipped all over. People fondly call him Superstar and Thalaivar. The actor opened up on being called Superstar by recalling his 80s period where he saw him the first time being called a superstar.

"It was forty years ago. I think in the early 80s when I saw one of my films, in a theatre. When the credits rolled, it read 'Superstar Rajinikanth'. I immediately called the producer and asked him how he can put it up like that, without even asking me. I was embarrassed. I never thought I would be called a superstar. I feel that way even now. I don't know why they call me Superstar," he said.

Rajinikanth, in his speech, spoke a few deets about his cop role. He said, "I usually don't like playing a cop role for having too much responsibility attached to it. I like playing easy-going roles. But AR Murugadoss's Darbar story is pretty unique and not something like a regular cop character. It is very different. His visualisation and imagination are far superior."

In a vast film career, Rajinikanth said that he explored every genre. "I have done 160 films. I have been around for 40-45 years. Still, I would like to play a transgender person on screen," Rajinikanth said. Well, that I for such we, fans, would be delighted to watch. Bankrolled by Lyca Productions, Darbar will release in January 2020.

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