Unidentified Impersonates Sai Tej; Legal Action Underway

An unidentified person is said to be impersonating mega hero Sai Tej and is said to be taking financial favours from the actors who have worked with hero Tej. As and when this issue came to Tej’s attention, he was swift to take legal action and cleared things that it was no him.

“It has come to my notice that a person has been impersonating me and asking for financial help from people I acted with and others. Legal proceedings have been initiated from my end. Please be aware of the situation and avoid any such conversations with people who take my name,” stated Tej in a note posted on social media.

The mega hero also shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation that the unidentified culprit has done with another actor.

Cybercrimes on celebrities have been on the rise and despite repeated incidents, many crimes are getting reported. One needs to be mindful of a celebrity’s life and their financial status.