Pia Bhajpai’s Horror Struggle For Brother; Dies of Covid

Actress Pia Bhajpai’s brother has passed away this morning due to Covid-19 but she faced a horrible struggle to get him a ventilator bed. Having contracted the virus, Pia’s brother was admitted at a private hospital in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh.

But Pia’s brother health was deteriorating and he needs a ventilator bed urgently. Having tried her luck in her capacity, Pia took to social media for help. She posted a series of tweets and even tagged a BJP MLA, probably represents the constituency. However, her efforts went in vain as Pia’s brother passed away.

“my brother is no more…,” tweeted Pia.

This is the case of a celebrity who could not secure a ventilator bed for her brother and imagine the case of common man.

Also this is the ground reality of Covid-19 crisis in the country. Medical supplies are really short of supply and people should learn these facts and protect themselves from contracting the virus.

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