We Will Emerge Stronger From Crisis: Mahesh Babu

India is currently facing the heat of the COVID-19 second wave. This phase has turned out to be more dangerous than the first one. Thus, the government and many celebrities are urging people to stay indoors and stay safe. Actor Mahesh Babu also appealed to people to wear a mask and step out only if it is absolutely necessary.

Just about a while ago, Mahesh tweeted, “As the COVID-19 cases surge every day, please remember to wear your mask every time you’re around people and step out only if it’s absolutely necessary! If you test positive, self-isolate and monitor your symptoms regularly. Seek hospital admission only if it’s required and upon a doctor’s advice so that the beds can be alloted to those in dire need.”

“I believe that we’ll all emerge stronger from this crisis. Stay safe everyone,” he further added. India is witnessing more than three lakh cases every day. Around 3000 people are succumbing to death due to this virus every 24 hours. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to stay indoors and follow COVID-19 guidelines to fight this battle.

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