Opinion: Why Tollywood Is Failing To Make A Film Like Karnan?

Dhanush starrer Karnan had a digital release the other day on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Maari Selvaraj, the film had a tremendous theatrical run, and thus, it was surrounded by a lot of hype prior to its digital release. Finally, when it had premiered on Prime Video, many people have watched the film and are pouring accolades on it.

Telugu audiences are also loving the film and raving about it on social media. One question most of them are asking is, ‘why Telugu filmmakers and actors never prefer to make such films?’

Yes. Our sensibilities differ from those of Tamil audiences. But it is not that we have been making only commercial pot-boilers since the beginning. We have seen many films dealing with caste issues and oppression in Telugu in the past. But somewhere, these real issues have started diluting in Telugu films.

Even in the Tamil film industry, only a few heroes are daring to do such movies. Dhanush will be the front-runner in that league. Be it Pudhupettai, Aadukalam, Vada Chennai, Asuran, or Karnan, the actor has become a torch-bearer for the films that deal with the lives and stories of oppressed people. Even as a producer, Dhanush backed such films as Kaaka Muttai, Visaranai, and Kaala.

If one hero in the Telugu films can establish himself the image Dhanush earned for himself, we may get a chance of watching powerful films. But no hero in the present scenario dares to do that in Tollywood. They are worried about the financial returns and back-out from experimenting with films after facing a single failure. If they stop bothering about success and stick to these kinds of films, the audience will definitely start encouraging such films in the future.

Asuran, which dealt with caste issues, is now being remade into Telugu as Narappa. This Venkatesh starrer film will not be dealing with caste issues directly like it was done in the original version. The makers will obviously make some changes to the script, saying that it should suit the sensibilities of Telugu viewers. It is being heard that Karnan is also getting remade into Telugu soon. Even in that version, the flavour of the original will be diluted.

Both Asuran and Karnan are based on the real incidents that happened in Tamil Nadu. Those films have their roots in their state. They can be remade but the soul of those films will not be recreated. Instead, Telugu filmmakers should try working on stories that are deeply rooted in our culture and people. That is the only way we can nurture our viewers to see these kinds of intense and realistic dramas.