Raashi Brushing Up Tamil Speaking Skills

Despite being a north Indian, gorgeous beauty Raashi Khanna can speak Telugu fluently. She made an effort to learn the language and that reflected on her to perform better in the movies. Now Raashi is learning a second south Indian language and it is Tamil.

So far Raashi has done very few films in Tamil but has signed nearly four films and in the coming days she might more busy in Tamil. Accordingly Raashi has decided to learn the language and is making apt use of the lockdown.


Taking to her Instagram, Raashi posted a picture of her taking a session and laptop is also spotted on her table. “Back to school! Have been brushing up my Tamil speaking skills with an amazing teacher, Ms. Leela. Now I have class work and home work and class tests!! What constructive things have you been doing in this lockdown?,” wrote Raashi below the picture.

Hope Raashi’s efforts will pay off and Tamil audiences will shower more affection on her.