Is This The Reason Why Mehreen Called Off Her Wedding?

In a shocking move, actress Mehreen called off her engagement with politician Bhavya Bishnoi the other day. She stated that the decision has been taken amicably and in the best interest. However, everyone was surprised to see the F2 actress canceling her marriage three months after the engagement.

If there was no second wave of the coronavirus, Mehreen and Bhavya Bishnoi would have got married by now. Meanwhile, we hear this probable reason for the cancellation of their marriage. According to the inside sources, Mehreen is interested to work in films even after getting married.

Apparently, Bishnoi and his family are against this idea. It looks like they planned to sort this thing after engagement but as Mehreen was adamant on continuing her career in films, she had no choice but to part ways with Bishnoi.

The actress is currently working for F3 and an untitled film with director Maruthi and hero Santhosh Shoban. Mehreen signed the latter after getting engaged. It seems that this decision sparked differences between the couple and eventually resulted in parting ways.