Movie Review: Malik

Cast : Fahadh Faasil, Dileesh Pothan, Joju George, Nimisha Sajayan, Vinay Forrt
Director : Mahesh Narayanan
Music : Sushin Shyam
Banner : Anto Joseph Film Company
Producer : Anto Joseph
Release Date : 15 July 2021

Fahadh Faasil has become the face of Malayalam cinema these days. All his previous films on OTT have become good hits. He is now ready with his dream project, Malik which is now streaming now on Amazon Prime. Ramesh Narayan directs this period drama.

What’s it’s about?

The film is based on Suleman Malik(Fahadh Faasil) who is the messiah of the masses in a fictional village called Ramadapally, Kerala. The film starts with the cops arresting an aged Malik because of his criminal records from the past. But the cops decide to finish Malik in jail to clean up the mess he has created. Will they be able to do that? and what all Malik has done over the years is shown in a two and half hour serious drama.


It would be no exaggeration to say that Fahash Faasil is one of the top five actors in the country as of now. Malik is Fahadh’s Nayagan and Godfather. He lives in the role of Malik and showcases wonderful transformation in the various age groups that he portrays. Fahadh’s dialogue delivery, expressions, and body language suit the backdrop perfectly. Nimisha Sajayan is solid in her supporting role and is perfect as the key factor in Malik’s journey. Vinay Fort, Joju George, and Sanal Aman are effortless in their characters and are cast perfectly into the setup.


Malik starts with a solid 11-minute sequence involving multiple artists and is the best scene in recent times. Right from the camerawork to the music, everything is praiseworthy. Music by Sushin Shyam is perfect as he gives that Muslim touch to the proceedings impressively. The props used, costume design, everything is perfect in Malik as the bygone eras are revealed in an impressive manner. Storywise, there is nothing to rave about it as the film is a re-hash of all gangster dramas in the past. Only the setting is new.


Fahadh Faasil



Slow Pace

Routine Story


Director Mahesh Narayanan showcases the story of Suleman Malik in different time zones providing Fahadh Faasil a lifetime opportunity to go all out in his role. The film is a political thriller with a mix of action and gangster backdrop. But the director does now dwell in much of it and showcases the journey of Malik in an impressive manner with beautiful scenes.

The only hurdle in this film is the sheer pace with which it is unveiled. There are also a few logical errors related to how the cops operate in the story. The film has a good supporting cast and solid family drama dealing with Malik’s weaknesses. The emotion is intact and this is where the film scores. Malik has solid production values and Malik single-handedly keeps knocking out the best scenes one after the other.

Malik has a big heart and Fahadh makes sure that his performance will draw the audience into the film till the end. Though the film unravels at its own pace in the first half, things bounce in the second half. But the only thing one needs to bear is the slow pace otherwise, Malik is a wonderful drama to savor.

Bottom Line – Fahadh Faasil at his ultimate best

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