Movie Review: Dil Bechara


101 minutes   |   Romance   |   24-07-2020

Cast - Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjana Sanghi, Sahil Vaid, Swastika Mukherjee, Saswata Chatterjee and others

Director - Mukesh Chhabra

Producer - Fox Star Studios

Banner - Fox Star Studios

Music - A.R. Rahman

Dil Bechara is probably the most talked about and much awaited movie among the direct to digital releases. It is the last movie of Sushant Singh Rajput and Fox Star Studios is streaming this film on Disney+Hotstar for free as a tribute to the deceased actor. Fans and sympathizers are eagerly waiting to watch the film and give him a grand send off by creating a record in terms of views on the premier day. The movie is an adaptation of John Green’s novel The Fault In Our Stars.

What is it about?

Kizzie Basu (Sanjana) is battling with cancer and is leading a boring life. Then enters Manny (Sushant), also a cancer patient, but a very jovial and energetic person. He not only brings back the lost smiles in Kizzie’s life but also fulfils her incomplete dreams.


Sushant Singh Rajput’s energy is infectious. He is like a livewire in the film. He not only puts a smile on your lips with his performance but also will make you cry towards the end. Sanjana is very good as the female lead. Despite having no experience, she has made Kizzie very believable with her superb performance. Swastika Mukherjee and Saswata Chatterjee are too good as Kizzie’s parents. Swastik Vaid delivers a fine performance as Manny’s best buddy. Saif Ali Khan plays a cameo.


Mukesh Chhabra does well in getting the emotions right. He has extracted the best out of his actors and technicians. Despite a predictable plot, he hits the right notes with his direction. He is ably aided by his writers duo. The film also has some best lines that will be remembered. Music by A.R. Rahman is in tune with the film’s mood. A couple of songs are good and the cinematography is superb. Editing is very crisp without any lags in the screenplay.


Dil Bechara’s storyline is similar to that of Mani Ratnam’s Geetanjali. So, there are no surprises on that front. We have seen many films dealing with the romance between a dying couple. But watching it after Sushant had committed suicide make many scenes even more emotional and heart wrenching. Some dialogues will strike you very hard especially knowing that the charming actor is no more.

Dil Bechara is full of life and energy although it deals with the theme of death and has ailing protagonists. Sushant makes every scene a pleasant watch with his charm that puts a smile on Kizzie’s as well as the viewers’ faces. He makes us believe that he is truly in love with Kizzie and he cares for her. Many scenes wouldn’t have worked or made such an impact if Manny was played by someone else.

The film is all about moments and the director along with his writers create many such cherishable moments with limited characters. Kizzie’s last wish of meeting her favorite music composer who hasn’t finished his last song and Manny’s liking towards action movies and Rajinikanth play an integral part in the screenplay. Writers and the director have woven some entertaining scenes around these.

They prepare us for the death of one person and end it by showing the death of another person. These scenes will make you emotional and in fact put you right there in the middle of it. Dil Bechara is a wonderful farewell to a fine actor who had gone too soon. The irony of it being his last film will haunt you for a while.

Bottom Line: A Breezy Romance!

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