F3 Movie Review


2 Hour 40 Mins   |   Comedy   |   27-05-2022

Cast - Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamanna, Mehreen, Sunil, Ali, Rajendra Prasad, Sonal Chauhan and others

Director - Anil Ravipudi

Producer - Sirish

Banner - Sri Venkateswara Creations

Music - Devi Sri Prasad

F2 turned out to become an out-and-out entertainer back and then. Venkatesh and Varun Tej brought the house down with their performances and got the best support from the entire team. Making it a franchise filled with fun, the team came up with F3 calling it more fun, and the movie was released today in theaters. Anil Ravipudi along with the entire team of F3 is confident in entertaining the audience many more times with F3. Here is the review of the F3 movie and let us walk in it.

What Is It About?

Venky (Venkatesh) a broker at the RTO office struggles with middle-class troubles and wanted to become rich in a shortcut. Varun (Varun Tej) a small-time fraudster also tries to find ways to become rich just like Venky does. Harika (Tamanna) and Honey (Mehreen) family con Venky and Varun for big money and they all end up in the same situation where there needs a lot of money to overcome it. Unknowingly, they all get the same idea to become instant millionaires, by conning Anand Prasad (Murli Sharma) who is in search of his missing son. Were they able to bluff Anand Prasad? The story of F3 answers the question.


Venkatesh’s timing and expressions in comedy have a separate fan base. Venky steals the show throughout with his performance. He just turns the eyes towards him with the expressions even if there are ten other known actors in the same frame.

Varun Tej did an excellent job in F3 too. The young actor nails the scene each and every time he had to stammer and the new act he does each time is always fun. Varun and Venky’s pair is hilarious.

Tamanna and Mehreen did their part, but they did not look as glamorous as they did in F2 and their presence in the second half is weak. Their roles are just like the extensions from the first part and they get dominated on-screen by Venky and Varun Tej.

This will be a comeback role for Sunil and he is seen in his vintage look and dialogue modulation after a long time. Raghu Babu, Ali, Vennela Kishore, Rajendra Prasad, Pragathi, Murli Sharma, Satya, and Sampath Raj did fine in their respective roles.


F3 story is not any new line, except the comedy was written according to the current trend. With not much logic and calculations, F3 has an ordinary storyline with some captivating comedy scenes interlaced. Anil Ravipudi’s comedy writing skills needs a special mention.

The first half enthralls with hilarious scenes while the second half slows down to an old-school formula of identifying the son of a famous industrialist in four fraudsters.

The cinematography is okay and screenplay is good. The songs are not great and Pooja Hegde’s song is not as per expectations. The background music is alright.

Thumbs Up

Venkatesh and Varun Tej
First Half Comedy

Thumbs Down

Old story


From Missamma to Chantabbayi, there were many stories that worked well with the audience, where the plot is all about finding the missing son/daughter of a rich family. The director of F3 Anil Ravipudi somehow picked the same story that was very much outdated. Even the scenes that have the people claiming to be the son getting tested in various techniques are also very old. The only thing that works here is the contemporary comedy that the director makes the best use of.

The first half of the movie run at its hilarious best. Right from the funny scenes between Venky and his stepmom with the lines of ‘South Indian Thali’ and ‘Savathi Thalli’, to his night-blindness where he refers to ‘Venkat Rao Gadi Pellam, each scene was fun.

Varun Tej’s comedy is equally good, be it his stammering or the combination scenes with Venky. The comedy worked the best when Venky and Raghubabu see Haarika’s family in a ‘Dandupalyam’ poster and also the ‘fits’ scene with the background song ‘Taatayya Taatayya’. The dialogue where Venky says about ‘antibodies’ for Ali leaves the audience bouncing in the seats.

Entering the second half, the director shifts the gear from the direct comedy to the parody and references comedy amidst the old-time story. The comedy also slows down a bit, though some scenes with Venky and Varun conspiring against each other worked well.

Pan India junior artist Vennela Kishore’s frustration generates more fun than Tamanna’s unexpected transformation. At one point Vennela Kishore calls Tamanna ‘Tiger Shroff’ invoking instant laughs. Vennela Kishore making fun of Rajendra Prasad with ‘Natakireeti’ is also fun. The bullfighting scene emerged as an entertainer particularly when Venky emotionally melts the bull with his ‘sentiment’ formula and also when he does the Bheem-Tiger roar scene.

There are overflooding parody scenes when the gang gets into making the toys. Too many references to almost all Telugu superstars remind us of some EVV movies of the 90s. The Narappa look of Venkatesh is a sweet surprise to all and his supporting dialogue about the OTT release in Narappa-slang is also fun. The director used as many references as he could and finally called it an end with a climax from the 90s time. The toy-making logic and the twist with a message, in the end, are monotonous and much anticipated.

Overall, F3 enthralls the audience with a very good first half and an average second half with mixed comedy. Watching a series of serious and action films from the last few weeks, a set of the audience may definitely want to watch F3 while some may not be impressed much due to the cringe comedy. With F3 already carrying a good impression from F2, its theatrical run might be more fun, particularly with the family audience.

Bottom line: Full Fun For Family Audience

Rating: 3/5