Writer Padmabhushan Review


  |   Love   |   03-02-2023

Cast - Suhas, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rohini Molleti, Tina Shilparaj and others

Director - Shanmukha Prasanth

Producer - Anurag Reddy, Sharath Chandra, and Chandru Manoharan

Banner - Chai Bisket Films & Lahari FIlms banners.

Music - Shekar Chandra and Kalyan Nayak

Suhas proved his mettle as the lead actor with Colour Photo and the film also bagged the National Award. Simultaneously, he is also doing character and performing roles like he did in Hit 2. He is now back as the lead actor with Writer Padmabhushan. Unlike Colour Photo that was just confined to OTT, Writer Padambhushan is releasing in theatres. This is something new and exciting for Suhas. The film’s premieres were widely screened ahead of the film’s release and created a decent buzz. Here is the film’s review.


Padmabhushan (Suhas) works as a librarian. But his aim is to be a successful writer. His first book fails to succeed. His life takes an unexpected turn when an anonymous writer uses his name and picture. This makes him a successful writer and also gets his marriage fixed with Sarika (Tina Shilparaj). Here comes the problem when the writings of the anonymous writer gets stopped suddenly. Padmabhushan who is on a mission to find the original writer learns the truth. What is the truth? How does it change Padmabhushan needs to be seen.


For underdog roles, Suhas is the best choice. And he indeed keeps up this reputation once again in Writer Padmabhushan as well since he nailed it. He is apt for the Padmabhushan role. He pulls off the emotional scenes with so much ease. At the same time, he also brings cheers when it comes to humorous scenes. Asish Vidyarthi is good as the hero’s father. Unlike his usual roles, Asish Vidyarthi is seen as a super soft character and he did complete justice. Rohini is perfect for mother roles and she does live up to that tag once again. Tina Shilparaj is fine as Sarika, love interest of Padmabhushan. Gouri Priya gets noticed despite a role with little screen presence. Goparaju Ramana is alright as Sarika’s father. All the actors did well.


Writer-director Shanmukha Prasanth chose a very thin plot point and weaved a nice emotional story around it. He made sure there is enough drama to ably support it. Screenplay is flat but it drives the story forward with a suspense element. Shekar Chandra’s songs and background music are complementing. Kannullo Nee Roopame is soothing. Editing is crisp.

Thumbs Up

Concept & Emotion
Climax Twist

Thumbs Down
Weak Conflict
Draggy Scenes


Writer Padmabhushan has a paper-thin point. It starts in Vijayawada with an aspiring writer struggling to get success but misses the path. Director Shanmukha Prasanth has not just made this the story of a struggling writer. There is so much more. It has undercurrent social message that is only revealed at the end. It is this climax twist and the message beneath it worked well for this Writer. This is where the writer in director scored the brownie points. For this story-telling, protagonist Suhas shouldered a lot with his natural performance. He once again delivered fine acting.

Writer has its own share of problems. It lacks strong conflict point. It is only the internal conflict of the protagonist. It is all about his struggles, lack of confidence on himself. The film appears to be draggy due to lack of solid scenes. The love story between the lead pair isn’t convincing enough. Why Sarika vouches for Padmabhushan needed better writing. This keeps us waiting till the end. But the end justifies. The strong emotion in the film drives the film. The parents love and the helplessness of the protagonist gets us connected. It is the twist that is saved till the end rescues the film. Songs may appeal individually but their placement obstructs the flow of narration. Suhas also does jig for songs which is funny.

It is not the regular commercial film one gets to see. No doubt, the logics also go for a toss. Despite all its shortcomings, Writer is passable for the emotions and its concept. It’s souls is intact which makes it a different film. It doesn’t work completely yet it doesn’t disappoint either.

Bottom-line: Book filled with some beautiful chapters

Rating: 2.75/5